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Ancient Balinese wisdom for
inner trans-formation


For generations our family has been devoted to revive the spiritual heritage in Bali and use it as a foundation to help awakening souls on their journey.

Proven methods once used by our ancestors designed for modern day implementation.



Purify and rebalance your energy through a sacred ritual called “Melukat”. During the ritual we focus on letting go of stagnant karmic energy in the body and harmonizing the connection between micro & macro cosmos through the 5 elements. Also learn about the significance of specific offerings that are being used during this ceremony.



Ancient meditation techniques that directly connect to the Balinese medicinal system of meridians, chakras and vital organs that help you redirect energy within to facilitate cleansing, healing and create space for conscious understanding. Learn how to utilize your breath to access hidden doors within, to increase your sensitivity to energy and deepen your connection to guidance from spirit.


karmic transformation

Receive guidance on your karmic path, based on past & past life energy, and how these connect to the ancestral presence within. Learn how to transform your karma by understanding the blockages caused by emotions and trauma stored in the body. We focus on practical implementation for daily life.

Experience it yourself

Experience the power of ancient spiritual practices directly at one of the holy sites home to the Island of the Gods. Temples of over a 1000 years old, hidden in nature, still emanating the vibrations of ancestral wisdom and divine connection.

We offer workshops designed to connect to the sacredness and depth of the spiritual practices Bali is known for.

What you can expect:

  • A purification ritual called “Melukat” to purify and rebalance your energy.
  • Guided meditation designed to facilitate healing, increase your sensitivity to energy and deepen your connection to spirit.
  • A session of spiritual guidance and sharing experiences.

Duration +/- 3 hours
Suitable for private and larger groups

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Welcome to Giri Sunyata

We help the world re-establish the harmony between People - Nature - God. A sacred trinity known in Bali as Tri Hita Karana.

Did you know? All the problems and suffering in the world are due to a lack of connectedness to this sacred Trinity - rooted in a lack of consciousness of us human beings.

We use Bali its ancient ancestral wisdom and life teachings to guide people on awareness and consciousness in order to understand life and how to connect better with themselves, nature and the Divine.

Our dedicated community Sumber, a karma based model that connects those who have with those in need, allows us to continuously help people who need it.

Our Purpose, Vision & Mission read more

Join Sumber, our community of generous people and monthly givers.


Giri Sunyata operates on the philosophy of karma.

By connecting those who have with those who are in need, we manage the flow of positive energy. Whether it is financial, material or service based, we offer support where it’s most needed - while providing guidance and healing to those involved. Sumber allows us to continuously help people that need it the most.

People are subscribed to many things that make their lives better. Here’s an opportunity to make someone else’s life better. For the price of a cup of coffee, a monthly internet subscription or a fun night out - you can start sharing with someone in need.

It's not just about making a donation, it's about making a Difference!

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Kawitan Herbal Incense

Kawitan meaning "origin" is a word that is highly associated with ancestry in Bali. In spiritual practise, whether it be meditation, ritual or prayer, incense has been an essential medium to connect to the Divine and purify energy.

The ancestors in Bali used to make their incense from 100% organic materials such as flowers, wood and herbs. They understood the power and energetic workings that come from putting certain recipes together. In Bali this ancient herbal wisdom is called Usada.

We decided to develop a range of incense types based on these ancestral recipes to conserve and revive a sacred culture to be used in modern day and age.

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It all started with a vision

to build for future generations

The idea to initiate Giri Sunyata was received by its founders, Jero Buddhi and Jero Ratih, during a meditation early 2020. Vivid visions of a spiritual center in nature came through showing them a very detailed image of what will be built in the near future.

The message they received was to create a spiritual center where anyone can visit and find themselves at home. A place to retreat from daily life and find truth within. A place for deep inner work and connection with the Divine. It will be free of charge and free of labels, open to people from all walks of life without having to be selective on one’s status, beliefs or financial background.

The center will provide spiritual guidance and healing for those in need and at the same time will focus on reviving and conserving the rich spiritual heritage of Bali for the generations that follow. Besides the temple and a natural purification area there will be a common hall to accommodate community activities like traditional dance, music and art forms. Also yogya, breathwork and meditation which could be done in the outdoor meditation area. There will be a farm to grow fruits and vegetables and teach the younger generations the importance of it. Creating awareness for the environment and the food we consume. Also there will be accommodation for people that would like to stay for a longer period of time.

Giri Sunyata is a concept based on Karma. Which means that those souls who feel called to be part of this journey, are meant to be part of it.

And so it will be built by the world - for the world, re-connecting people with nature and the Divine.

Griya Sunia layout future vision green

1. Temple - prayer area   2. Beji - holy water purification area   3. Wantilan - hall for practicing yoga, traditional dance, music, arts etc.   4. Outdoor meditation area
5. Bale Bengong - area for guidance and healing sessions   6. Family house   7. Accommodation for guests   8. Permaculture farm