Spiritual Guidance & Healing Sessions

At Giri Sunyata we provide people with guidance on how to live life more consciously and become a better human being. To understand who they really are and to connect with the Divine purity they have inside of them.

We help people understand their Karma and how to live life in accordance with it. Whether the problem is physical, mental, emotional or financial, the root is always related to one’s personal Karmic energy.

The spiritual guidance and healing practises at Giri Sunyata are therefore all based on one’s personal Karma. Because no Karma is ever the same for different souls, we don’t work with a one size fits all treatment. We refrain from using any defined methods or tools but we fully surrender to the Divine for guidance and methods of healing.

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For those Souls growing and healing:

Whether you suffer from trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, stress or depression. Whether you feel confused, heartbroken or lost in life. We help you let go of energy that doesn’t serve you any longer in order to move forward in life. To understand your blockages, past experiences and connection to spirit.


For the spiritual practitioner & healer:

We specialize in guiding those Souls called to serve humanity e.g. spiritual practitioners, therapists, coaches, teachers and healers. We help you to grow your sensitivity to energy and deepen your connection to spirit. To gain clarity on your task and sharpen direction. To understand the workings of the inner and outer Universe and how they relate to each other.

Request a session

We’re open for visitors in our spiritual center in Bali and travel on request to serve on location overseas. Also, we do online sessions to help those who aren’t able to travel.

Request a session via email: contact@girisunyata.org

Also, you can reach out to us on Telegram @girisunyata

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