Giri Sunyata operates on the philosophy of Karma.

By connecting those who have with those who are in need, we manage the flow of positive energy. Whether it is financial, material or service based, we offer support where it’s most needed - while providing spiritual guidance and healing to those involved.

The idea to initiate Giri Sunyata was received by its founders, Jero Buddhi and Jero Ratih, during a meditation early 2020. The message they received was to build a community of generous people and constant givers in order to conserve and revive the rich spiritual heritage that was once common practise in the heart of Nusantara (known as Java and Bali today). The Universal Truth and Guidance that underlies this tradition is still very much alive and visible in the present-day Balinese culture and rites.

Guided by the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the possibilities of modern-day technology, we enable everyone around the world to do a little good.

The meaning behind

Giri Sunyata

GIRI - means "mountain / height" and "venerable / worshipful" in Sanskrit and Pali.

SUNYATA - means "emptiness / void" and "a heightened state of awareness" and "the transcendence of thought" in Sanskrit and Pali.

The name Giri Sunyata as a concept has the symbolic meaning of the spiritual path that is similar to climbing a mountain. The path upwards is full of uncertainties, tests and challenges to overcome. It is designed to really get to the deepest point of our Being. Whatever a person’s personal karma, the path towards the Divine will have these traits. The goal is to reach the top of the mountain within this lifetime.
Sunyata being the highest form of reality or the dimension where there is nothing but from which everything originates and returns back to. This would then be the top of the mountain, the ultimate spiritual attainment, Liberation from the karmic and worldly bondage.

In short, Giri Sunyata stands for the Spiritual Journey to reach Enlightenment.


The Logo is a visual representation of what Giri Sunyata stands for: the harmony and balance of people, nature and the Divine. And the process of achieving this through spiritual development.

A lotus flower symbolising the process of spiritual unfoldment. The three layers of leaves representing the Holy Trinity. Above it, water droplets shaping the form of a triangle and a mountain top at the same time - Giri. As a unity, the whole structure depicts a person sitting in meditation.

The circle shows the ever evolving energy of the cosmos, the cycle of reincarnation and symbolises emptiness as the highest state of awareness, the transcendence of thought - Sunyata.

Our Purpose

To help people connect with their Inner Truth and help the world re-establish the harmony between People – Nature – God
(known in Bali as Tri Hita Karana)

Our Vision

We strive to be findable (both online and offline) to awakening Souls that are ready to receive the Universal Truth and Guidance for Eternal Life that is woven into the rich culture and tradition in Bali - Indonesia in order to grow and evolve as a Soul.

Our Mission

To conserve the spiritual heritage of our ancestors that has been passed down generation after generation and is now emerging to be revived again in the hearts of humankind.

We do this by providing a platform based on Karma. That means it provides the opportunity to Give for those who Have in order to Receive for those in Need.

we believe

Our Core Principles

The concept of Giri Sunyata is based on Karma: for the world - by the world - through the world.

We refrain from using labels: no reference or affiliation to a specific religion, sect, cult or spiritual organization.

We believe and therefore serve under One universal religion: Divine Truth (Dharma) delivered through love and compassion in the heart of all God's creations.

We strive to Serve hidden and humbly and to put the focus on our impact rather than the people making it. We therefore serve in non-attachment and without expectations.

We refrain from creating a Guru - Student situation - all of God’s creations are equal to us. Tat Tvam Asi

Everything is based on the Law of Karma and therefore all donations whether financially, in kind or in service are considered without ties or any form of repayment or ownership.

We aim to provide full transparency of our impact and financial status.

Every action or decision needs to eventually support the main Direction (purpose - vision - mission) and comply with all Core Principles.