Giri Sunyata is a non-profit organization providing spiritual guidance and healing to awakening souls around the world while conserving the spiritual heritage of our ancestors.

This is our story

Thousands of years ago, deep in the jungles and mountains on the island of Bali, our ancestors were practising one of the highest forms of spirituality known to date.

A form that focuses directly on the One Supreme Life Source that dwells within the hearts of each being. A spiritual practice that existed way before the birth of the current religions and other streams or methods known by many names.

This pure form of spirituality and its in depth life teachings, have been passed down from generation to generation and have remained hidden from most of the people. Not because they're secret but simply because they're being overlooked due to its simplicity in nature yet profound implementation. Today, a large part of this spiritual heritage can still be found woven into the rich culture and traditions in Bali.

Giri Sunyata is the result of these teachings being passed down for generations and now being revived to support the current evolutionary shift humanity is going through. As of today, our Giri Sunyata family is rooted four generations strong, operating in our Spiritual Center in Bali - Indonesia.


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About the Founders


Jero Buddhi and Jero Ratih met each other back in 2017 in the family run temple on the island of Bali.

Both growing up in a family working in the line of helping people and coming from a lineage of spiritual practitioners. Knowing to be blessed with a spiritual gift from a young age, being able to see the unseen and know the unknown.

As young adults they both pursued a life of career and business. Enjoying all the goodness the world had to offer. Traveling, social life, party. Yet, deep inside something wasn’t right. There was always an inner calling to help people.

And so one day when this calling became strong enough, they left their career and dedicated themselves to the spiritual path to serve humanity.

Now, fully focussed on the Divine path, helping people grow and heal on a daily basis, all their life experiences became meaningful. They soon learned that there was something much bigger at play. A reason for them coming together and sharing this path.

It was not long after their marriage in 2019 that things started shifting. Clear messages and visions of a future concept started coming in during meditation. A concept to conserve and revive the spiritual heritage of Bali and to build a spiritual center that is rooted in the concept of Tri Hita Karana. Re-establishing the balance between human, nature and the Divine.

And so, by the end of 2020 Giri Sunyata was born.

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